Office Administration Course

Our courses are suitable for mature professionals with work experience. 

There is a 2-year time limit to complete

There is no End-of-Module tests.  This course is Assignments-based.

Office Administration Training course with OTC-Austraslia

Office Administration Certificate Course

Course Syllabus

1. Business Awareness - Understanding the commercial nature of your business

2. Client Relations - Getting to know your client, staff, team

3. Dealing with the Persistent Complainant - Knowing & utilising Complaints Procedures

4. Communication - Tailoring your style of communication

5. Interviewing - Identifying the facts and issues from interviews

6. Managing Others - Effective people management

7. Professional Conduct - Exercising good standard of client care and work

8. Self Awareness & Development - Evaluating your professional strengths and weaknesses

9. Working with Others - Appreciating your role and responsibilities

10. Workload Management - Setting realistic timescales

11. Public Relations - Spreading information to gain public awareness

12. Filing and Record Keeping - Record management and filing practises

13. Effective Writing - Informative and Persuasive writing

14. Office Etiquette - Ways to a happy office environment

This course is assignments-based.  There is no end-of-module test.

COURSE FEE: AUD $550.00 (included 9% discount)

Instalments: AUD $199.83 x 3 monthly

Eligibility for Office Administration course with OTC-Australia

Office Administration Course Eligibility

To be eligible to take our Office Administration Course, candidates must have:
Office Skills - Typing and IT
Fluent in English Language.
Have previous office experience

This course is assignments based. There is no end of module test.

Minimum Estimated Study Time: 4 Weeks based on 3 hours study per week

Time Limit:  2 Years

All Instalments must be completed prior to completion

Office Administration Course delivered online by OTC-Australia

Our Courses are of National Competency Standards set by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which sets the standards for education.

Complete an Office Administration course and gain more confidence to work as an Administrator. There are 5 topics including Business Awareness,

Effective Communication skills, Writing skills, Interviewing skills and more.

If you are working in Human Resources/recruitment, as a PA or a secretary, this course could definitely improve your career opportunities and give you further confidence in the office.

Study with us by Distance Learning with our Recorded Video Lessons and start at any time and from anywhere.

You can study our Office Administration Course from:










On satisfactory completion, your Certificate will be posted to home or business address.

This course is assignments-based. There will be no end-of-module test.

Course fees are payable in full or by monthly instalments.

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