Business Law Courses

There are no compulsory modules.  Each module can be taken as a single subject.  
We recommend starting with Module 1 then any other module of interest.

There is a 2-year time limit to complete Modules.  End-of-Module tests are conducted online through our Live Classroom.

Our courses are suitable for mature professionals with work experience. Legal work experience or legal qualifications are not prerequisites as we cover from Introduction Level.

Business Law Course online with OTC-Australia

Business Law - Module 1

Business Law Diploma, Intermediate Level

General Principles of Law

1. Australian Legal System: Federal Courts of Law, States & Territories Courts Structure, Tribunals, Arbitration, Judiciary

2. Contract Law: Elements of a Contract, Termination of a Contract, Legal Obligations, Defective Contracts, Remedies for Breach of Contract

3. Tort: Tort Against Person, Property & Goods, Defences in Tort, Remedies in Tort

4. Criminal Law: Classes of Offences &Trials, Committal proceedings, Criminal Liability

5. Civil Law: Pre-trial procedures, Enforcement of Judgments.

There is an end-of-module test for Module 1.

COURSE FEE: AUD $825.00 (includes 9% discount)

Instalments: $179.80 x 5 monthly

Business Law Conveyancing course online with OTC-Australia

Conveyancing - Module 2

Conveyancing Certificate


1. Purchasers transaction for an Australian property, Torrens, Strata

2. Sellers transaction for an Australian property Torrens, Strata

3. Taking Instructions from Clients

4. Mortgages

5. Preparing Pre-Settlement Searches

6. Registration of Certificate of Title at the Land Titles Office

7. PROOFREADING Conveyancing legal documents - Leases, Declarations

There is an end-of-module test for Conveyancing.

COURSE FEE: AUD $680.00 (included 9% discount)

Instalments: $185.30 x 4 monthly

Business Law Litigation course with OTC-Australia

Litigation - Module 3

Litigation Certificate


1. Australian Criminal Courts Structure, Jurisdiction, Personnel, Divided Profession
2. Criminal Law Procedures, Police Arrests, Charges
3. Criminal Law
4. Trial
5. Sentencing Powers of the Courts

6. Australian Civil Courts Structure, Jurisdiction, Personnel
7. Civil Procedures Rules
8. Commencing Civil Court Cases

9. Preparing Divorce Applications
10. Dealing with Arrangements for Children
11. PROOFREADING litigation documents.

There is an end-of-module test for Litigation.

COURSE FEES: AUD $680.00 (included 9% deposit).

Instalments: $185.30 x 4 monthly

Corporate Law course online with OTC-Australia

Corporate Law - Module 4

Corporate Law Certificate

Corporate Law
1. Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies
Company Formation
2. Advantages and Disadvantages of various types of
3. Responsibilities of Directors/Shareholders
4. Shares, Bonds and Debentures
5. Tax Liability
6. Mergers and Acquisitions
7. Insolvency
8. PROOFREADING Business related documents.

There is an end-of-module test for Corporate Law.

COURSE FEE: AUD $680.00 (includes 9% deposit)

Instalments: $185.30 x 4 monthly

Business Law Courses

Business Law Legal Skills course with OTC-Australia

Legal Skills & Techniques - Module 5

 Business Law Diploma, Advanced Level

Legal Skills & Techniques Syllabus

1. Business Awareness

2. Client Relations

3. Interviewing Skills

4. Negotiating Skills

5. Professional Conduct

6. Legal Writing

7. Legal Drafting

This module is assignments-based.  There is no end-of-module test.

COURSE FEE: AUD $825.00 (includes 9% deposit)

Instalments: $179.85 x 5 monthly

Eligibility to study Business Law with OTC-Australia

Business Law Course Eligibility

Suitable for students who do not wish to complete the Paralegal Courses.

To be eligible to do our Business Law Courses, candidates should have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent - IT, English Language and Maths preferred.

For mature students, relevant office experience will be sufficient.

There is an end of module test for Modules 1,2,3,4.

If students are unsuccessful with the first test, they can re-sit for an additional fee of $40.00.

A webcam is compulsory for monitoring purposes.

Module 5 is assignments based. There is no end of module test.

On satisfactory completion the diploma or certificate will be posted to home or business address.

Estimated Study Time: 6 weeks based on 3 hours study per week.

Time Limit: 2 Years

All Instalments must be completed prior to tests.

Business Law Courses only with

What our Students Say

“Hi, my name is Patrick and I am 40 years old only. I find that the way

you teach is even better than some other distance learning courses. 

I want to recommend more friends, members in my association and

 colleagues to learn about your college. There are many distance learning studies in Hong Kong, some are very bad and only money snatching. You never learn a lot even after you completed their course.  

I want to continue to study at your College with Module 4.”  

“I received my Certificate. Thank you very much. I will be in touch soon to consider the next level to study. Thank you for the advice and I really 
enjoyed studying with OTC.”

If you do not wish to qualify for the full paralegal diploma, you can take the Business Law Modules. We recommend starting with Module 1, then any other modules of interest.

These Business Law courses are designed to aid candidates wishing to improve their legal knowledge in the workplace. They do not replace employing Solicitors or Barristers for more complex and intricate legal dealings and transactions.

Your career will benefit from having an overview of legal proceedings, conveyancing protocol and general knowledge of the Australian Legal System.

Our Business Law Courses are available in:

New South Wales

Australia Capital Territory

Western Australia

South Australia


Northern Territory



Tests are conducted through our Live Classroom.

A webcam is required for monitoring purposes during tests.

Course fees are payable in full or by monthly instalments.

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